blog In my blog I post tutorials and Java programming courses focused on Spring, Jakarta EE and Android. I write in Spanish, but here you can find some posts in English.

Personal projects


Mis Pájaros My Birds is the most useful and comprehensive app for managing aviaries and breeding any bird species.
Pantanos de España Pantanos de España shows you the data of all reservoirs and the volume of water and energy stored. Only available in Spanish.
Filmografía Filmography lets you quickly consult filmographies, including movies, documentaries and TV series. Data is provided by The Movie Database (TMDb).
Muspy for AndroidWith Muspy for Android you won't miss new music releases from your favourite artists. Data is provided by Muspy and MusicBrainz.


IMDb edad del reparto IMDb-Cast age is a Firefox extension for imdb pages that shows you the age of the cast members at the time of the premiere of a film, a series (the first season) or a chapter.